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As part of the rich heritage at Christ Lutheran Church the following worship services are offered:

Summer Schedule
8:00 AM Worship

9:15 AM Bible Class

10:30 AM Contemporary Service

Fall and Winter Schedule:

Worship services 8:00 and 10:30 am
Bible study and Sunday School 9:15-10:15 am

Celebration of Holy Communion
Holy communion is offered the first, third and fifth Sunday and Wendnesday of each month and for special services. The Lutheran view of Holy Communion invites us to approach this sacred, personal event with not one, but two sets of eyes. With our natural eyes, we see the bread and wine as bread and wine. At the very same moment however, with our eyes of faith, our 'sight' fixes on the presence of Christ in our midst. We see that Christ is present in this event and, as it is taught, in, with, and under the elements.

As we receive this Sacrament in faith, we are assured of God's and in our love for Him. By participating together we also confess our oneness in Christ and our unity in what we believe.
Persons who believe the about Holy Communion are invited to the Lord's Table. Children are welcomed to the Lord's Table with their parents to receive a blessing.

Church Seasons
Worship is a time where we gather as Christians to praise God. Just as a human life has various seasons like youth or middle age, the church also celebrates seasons. How did these seasons come to be? The story of Jesus Christ (or the gospel story) has been proclaimed ever since the miracle of the Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles recorded in the book of Acts. These stories were repeated over time and the people's response to the proclamation of the gospel evolved into a calendar of seasons. Just as in human life, seasons link our story with time, so it is with church life. What are the seasons we celebrate in church?

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